Blues On The Lamb

is a mixture of vintage blues and folk
peppered with four-generation family songs from North Carolina.
We sing protest songs and spirituals
and whatever else tickles our fancy
in an acoustic, Mississippi John Hurt finger-picking style.

John Lamb - Guitars, Vocals
Mark Kaczorowski - Guitars, Vocals
Phoebe Lamb - Vocals
Margaret Lamb - Vocals
Special Guest - Adam Bodine - Asssorted Keyboards




John Lamb

Guitars, Vocals

"My father taught me how to play the ukulele (at 6 years old) and guitar (at 17). I have always liked old country folk/delta blues and so have played those kinds of songs for over 55 years. I also play songs I heard my father sing growing up. Some come from my grandfather, who was from North Carolina. My daughters, Phoebe and Margaret, now sing with me, completing four generations of Lambs. Blues On The Lamb has been going for over 15 years. Mark Kaczorowski is my solid lead guitarist, and sometimes Adam Bodine, talented jazz pianist, joins us. I am so lucky!"
- John Lamb





Mark Kaczorowski

Guitars, Vocals

"I have been playing in and around the Lafayette area since 2008 with various bands such as Big Toe, Big Hibiscus, Treehorn, and Blues On The Lamb. You can also often find me sharing the stage with other various local musicians at open mics and gigs. Though my roots are in rock music it has been a sort of mission of mine to apply
my musical instinct to the acoustic instrument which includes blues slide guitar with Blues On The Lamb, coffee house acoustic jams, and various other styles. I also sing and play solo acoustic from time to time and try to pull from different genres to keep it interesting. My time with Blues On The Lamb has been especially educational and very fulfilling in terms of developing improvisational skills while directly participating in roots music and blues history.
Fun is definitely a key component!"
- Mark Kaczorowski





Phoebe Lamb


I am from Lafayette, Colorado, and have grown up singing with my family since the time I can remember. While singing folk songs with my Dad and sisters at home, I also enjoyed choral and a cappella singing in school. As a member of Blues on the Lamb, I have leaned into the roots of family tradition by singing folk songs passed down from my grandfather and father, while also playing around with blues and jazz melodies and harmonies. It has been rewarding singing newer, contemporary songs with my sister as well! I have an immense amount of fun playing with Blues on the Lamb, and I hope to continue to sing with my family, Mark, and those that join us for many years to come.






Margaret Lamb


Margaret has always enjoyed singing with her family. It dates back to when she would get up early in the morning as a little kid and her dad, needing something to entertain her with, played guitar while singing with her. Music stuck with Margaret ever since. Currently, Margaret lives in Seattle, Washington and is an actor. She received her Master's in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory and her undergraduate degree in Spanish from Colorado College. Margaret is also a teaching artist who has taught at Georgia State University. Currently, she is pursuing certification in the Linklater voice technique for the speaking voice and hopes to incorporate this in her teaching in the future. She enjoys spending time outdoors through hiking, rafting, camping, and walking her dog around town. She also enjoys dancing, yoga, and quilting in her spare time. However, she and her wife are presently pretty busy with their new baby son who was just born this past year! She is grateful that her family has a tradition of music in the home (and community) and hopes to continue this tradition for years to come.





Adam Bodine

Assorted Keyboards

Adam can often be found sitting in with Blues On The Lamb adding an extremely unique flair to the musical presentation. Music is Adam Bodine’s lifelong passion and his full-time profession. Based out of Colorado, this talented pianist and multidimensional keyboardist joyfully excels in a variety of roles and situations. A soulful improviser, tasteful accompanist, evocative composer and arranger, prolific producer, diligent bandleader, sought after sideman and charismatic performer, Bodine embodies keen musicianship and remarkable versatility. You can check out his website at

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